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Ahead of the Black Canyon 100-kilometer race where Hannah Allgood (nÊe Osowski) will be part of a strong women’s field pursuing a golden ticket for the Western States Endurance Run she headed over to Arizona to spend three days running on the course. Ryan Thrower was there to capture her getting down to business while having a little bit of fun along the way. We sat down with Hannah, one of our new Freetrail Experts, to get to know her a little better before we cheer her on race day.

Hannah Allgood stretching her legs before CCC in 2022

FT: Who is Hannah Allgood?

HA: Admittedly, I spent way too much time thinking about this question and that’s probably because a lot has changed in the last few years. I never specifically identified as a runner because that is only one small part of who I am. My job in the medical field has taught me to be patient, but also that I am someone that cares deeply about being able to impact peoples’ lives in a positive way; whether that be helping one of my patients get back on the field after a year long recovery, or simply being a listening ear. I’m someone that really enjoys spending time outside (a lot of the time alone) but also with those that are closest to me because it allows me to clear my head, collect my thoughts, and build memories. I enjoy the little things in life like a fresh cup of coffee, but most of all I like to learn. Whether that be from reading a book or listening to someone else’s story that challenges the current way that I view the world.

FT: You really burst onto the scene in 2022, notching some big wins domestically and coming away with some strong performances internationally. From what we’ve been told you grew up as a competitive kid but not a runner – when did running and specifically trail and ultrarunning come into the picture?

HA: Thank you Corrine! I felt like I could make a splash in 2022 and I am really pleased with how it went! Trail and ultrarunning came into the picture at the end of 2018 and into early 2019. Gil gets all of the credit for introducing me to trail running. I don’t recall exactly how he found it, but he was watching YouTube videos long before I knew that trail running was a sport. He signed up for a race in Beaver Creek and I signed up day off because I didn’t want to sit and wait for him to finish the race. I hiked the uphills, but really liked the downhill portions. From then on I was hooked on this sport and signed up for my first 50-kilometer in 2019. I walked the last few miles of that first ultra to the finish, but I knew that I could do it faster and better, which is still something that draws me to this sport day after day.

FT: You’re a bit of a triple threat – athlete, coach, physical therapist. What are your favorite ties to make between the three hats you wear?

HA: One of my favorite things that ties those three hats together is the element of looking at things with a critical eye and the element of problem solving. I have had the privilege to race, treat many patients, and coach athletes throughout the last couple of years and it has taught me that you always have to look at each situation individually. Even if you face a similar problem more than once, the solution may not be the same. You have to be willing to pivot and search for the answers to your questions. All three provide constant learning and growth opportunities.

Hannah Allgood stretches her legs out before CCC in 2022

FT: With the recent launch of Freetrail Experts you’ve added the coaching hat to your collection, what made you want to coach trail and ultra athletes?

HA: Coaching trail and ultra athletes has been something that I have been preparing to do for a long while and has felt like a natural transition in the last year. One of my driving forces was that I thought that I could bring something new to the coaching scene that blended my personal experience as an athlete and science background. The blend of these elements gives me a unique perspective to provide athletes with a well-rounded coaching experience.

FT: The Black Canyon 100-kilometer race will be your first go at a golden ticket, as a student of the sport (including your recent scouting mission to the course) what makes you most excited about getting on this start line?

HA: I have had Black Canyon 100k on my race radar for the last few years, but I think that I am finally ready to compete on this course. One of the greatest lessons that I learned during the 2022 season was having self confidence in my training and my race plan. My mentality around racing has drastically changed and I am excited to start 2023 with this new mentality. Lastly, golden ticket races always draw such good competition that I am excited to toe the line with so many athletes that I haven’t had the chance to compete with yet.

FT: What’s your one piece of advice for athletes out there looking to take a big swing?

HA: The only limitation is the one that you set up in your mind. Challenge yourself. You are more capable than you will ever realize.

Good luck to Hannah as she searches for that golden ticket during the Black Canyon 100-kilometer race in Arizona on February 18th. If you haven’t cast your Freetrail Fantasy ballots yet go do it now! We have partnered with Aravaipa Running to bring you a slew of cool prizes, including an entry into the 2024 event. You have until race morning to lock them in.

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