Harmony and Dylan Bowman running in the mountains at UTMB ultra trail running race.

About Freetrail

Freetrail is a community dedicated to the life-changing sport of trail running. Our team lives and breathes the trail running lifestyle and is committed to reflecting its values in everything we do. Our mission is to use trail running as a tool with which we can positively influence the lives of individuals and the world as a whole. To this point, our business focuses on three main avenues to advance this mission: media, training, and events.

The Freetrail media network includes three popular podcasts, film production, and written publishing from some of the great minds in the sport. Our Freetrail Pro community is comprised of hundreds of trail runners around the world who share a passion for personal improvement and personal connection, both online and IRL. Freetrail co-owns and directs the Gorge Waterfalls trail race – one of the premier events on the West Coast, happening every April in Cascade Locks, OR.

Our small team views our efforts here as our life’s work. We hope you’ll allow us to accompany you on your trail running journey.

Trail Culture

Our overarching mission as a business is to spread Trail Culture, and in doing so, we believe that trail running can and will save the world. We frame our Code of Conduct by first sharing our definition of Trail Culture.

Trail Culture represents the spirit of the global trail running community. We define it using these four principles:

Inclusivity – Trail Culture is welcoming to all people regardless of background, identity, experience, or skill level. Trail Culture respects that individuals have different life experiences that shape who they are and how they approach the world. The trail running community should aspire to make all people feel welcomed, celebrated, and loved. Trail Culture reserves judgment and seeks to find common ground.

Community – Trail Culture is building enduring, healthy relationships. It is giving back through volunteering, crewing, trail work, or simply encouraging a friend through a tough moment. Trail Culture is positive-sum.

Effort – Trail Culture is an acknowledgement of the value inherent in trying hard at anything. Trail running teaches us to effort with grace and to persevere through challenging times. Trail Culture celebrates hard work and commitment in all its forms.

Stewardship – Trails have been part of human civilization for thousands of years. They provide a link between people and places, and provide a sanctuary to challenge, refine, and improve ourselves – a sacred human process! It is therefore the responsibility of trail runners to protect and preserve these natural spaces and help ensure access to the trails so everyone can enjoy them.

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