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Get access to our thriving, private Freetrail community. We’re a safe and fun place to find training partners, ask questions, get support, and most of all... make friends!

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Whether it’s your first trail race or your 100th, we have a plan to get you to the finish line. Our training plans are designed by professional trail runners and coaches, from 50K to 100 miles for all experience levels. Get personalized support and find friends to train alongside with in our community channel.

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  • You can get a training plan from various sources online. You can watch and listen to trail running content from a myriad of creators. You might even be able to interact with a pro or two on social media. But nobody brings all facets of the trail running community and culture together like Freetrail. Since its launch I have become a better runner but more importantly I have met an unbelievable group of people that span the globe and who together are the best community in the trail running space bar none. I have never felt more connected to the sport of trail running that I love because of Freetrail and the community it serves.

    – Matt Van Dalsem

  • William Ard Jr

    I’m an amateur triathlete and budding ultra runner and love the content that Freetrail is putting out. Being new to the sport you literally can be overwhelmed at the task in front of you but the website, the YouTube page, and the podcast helps to consolidate and provide you with the resources to become better at what we do. Thanks so much for this!

    – William Ard Jr

  • The most worthwhile thing that I’ve experienced in my Freetrail experience is the weekly office hours. Getting to talk with people who are more crazy about this Ultra/trail running thing as I am has benefited my training and my overall confidence.The information contained in the heads and hearts of the Freetrailers’ is astounding! Experience, empathy, sound advice with practical execution plans make it the one place you can start and get supported throughout your trail running journey!

    – Tyler Flaherty

  • Laura MacCarley runs at Smith Rock in Terrebonne, Oregon

    Running is so much more than a casual weekend hobby or a means to get some occasional exercise. It's a way of life, a fundamental piece of my identity, the way I connect with myself and make sense of the world. People in the Freetrail community get that.

    – Laura MacCarley

  • I love being part of the Freetrail community. I’ve learned so much about ultra/trail running and the ‘trail culture’ lifestyle over the past 12 months. I especially love the weekly office hours calls hosted by DBo, and the community forum on the app where you can ask questions of all the Freetrail members. The app is loaded with different training programs, videos and wisdom which has been an amazing help for my training, strength, mobility and race prep.

    – Dan Price

  • Freetrail has been a welcome addition to my running life. The friendships and community that Freetrail has brought into my life are second to none. The training plans have helped me finish Gorge Waterfalls 50K and the Vermont 100. The weekly Zoom calls allow us to share accomplishments, training tips, and rejoice in the success of others.

    – Matthew Hoadley

  • Being part of Freetrail is much more than access to amazing training plans, content, and media. Most importantly, it's being part of and also developing a sense of family and belonging within the trail community. Freetrail is building interconnectedness between members spread through the entire country. In a sport where often long periods of solitude are spent deep in the forest trails alone, members that support each other through answers to questions and encouragement, make all the difference.

    – Lu Duong

  • Freetrail has been an absolute game changer for my running. Not only is there a fantastic community who are there to support you and offer advice, the resources and training plans have allowed me to get stronger and more confident in my abilities. Some of my achievements have only been possible with the help of Freetrail.

    – Sam – London, UK

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    Of course! We are a welcoming, inclusive community and so excited to share the joys of trail running with newcomers. You won’t be alone either – trail running is one of the fastest-growing sports globally so there are lots of people just getting started. Our Freetrail Pro community is a great safe place to ask questions and get friendly advice from more experienced trail runners.

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    Freetrail Pro memberships include access to our private community Slack channel and weekly Zoom office hours where you can get support, ask questions, and get expert advice from our coaches and fellow members. It’s a great way to get support whether you’re self-coached or working with a dedicated coach. Our community is a safe, welcoming space for trail runners of all experience levels to get support and make new friends.

    If you’re looking for more personalized help, we can recommend lots of amazing, highly experienced coaches in our network. Please contact us and we’ll help connect you with a great fit!

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    Once you sign up for a membership, you can easily access the link to join our private Slack channel from your member dashboard.