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Harmony Bowman running in the mountains at UTMB ultra trail running race.

To our Freetrail Fam,

Freetrail is a labor of love. Our small but mighty team couldn’t do this work without the support of our amazing sponsors. We are deeply grateful to them for making our efforts possible. Because we value the trust of our community, we only partner with brands we personally use and love ourselves.

If you appreciate the work we do and want to help us keep this party going, one of the best ways you can support us is to support our sponsors.

With deep gratitude,
The Freetrail Team

Speedland logo

Speedland is a startup footwear brand from Portland, OR. Founded in 2021, Speedland set out to turn the footwear business model on its head, producing hyper-premium products, in small quantities, with a relentless dedication to craft and quality above all else. Speedland is the presenting sponsor of the Freetrail Podcast and supports many of our media and event projects throughout the year.

Freetrail Pro members get exclusive discounts to Speedland shoes, so sign up today to take advantage!

Gnarly exists to create the highest quality sports nutrition products for all levels of performance. Created by and for mountain sport and endurance athletes, Gnarly’s products help athletes be at their best before, during, and after training and competition. Dedicated to sporting integrity, many of the Gnarly products are NSF certified for sport, ensuring there are no banned substances in the end product.

Check out the full range of products and use code Freetrail15 for 15% off your purchases.

InsideTracker is a lab testing service that has helped thousands of people improve their lives by improving their bodies from the inside out. Using the data from a simple but thorough blood test, InsideTracker provides personalized recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle to optimize health and performance over the long term. This service is a game changer for athletes of all levels to get to know themselves more intimately.

Use this link to get 20% off an InsideTracker blood test.

Julbo Sunglasses Logo

Julbo is a mountain sport eyewear brand making the best trail running sunglasses on the market. Born in France, Julbo’s special sauce lies in the photochromic lenses that adjust their shade based on the intensity of the natural light.

Check out their full product offering and use code freetrail10 for 10% off your order.

Makers of the pioneering Oura Ring, a wearable tech device that monitors sleep, health, and fitness data, Oura is also the sponsor of our Freetrail Friday YouTube series. We all use the Oura ring in our daily lives and to monitor our training and recovery between sessions.

Use this link to get a 6-month FREE subscription with the purchase of a new Oura ring.

Daybreak Racing is an event brand producing great trail and ultra races around the Pacific Northwest. Freetrail is proud to partner with Daybreak on the ownership and production of the Gorge Waterfalls event, which happens in Cascade Locks, OR each spring. 

Check out the full Daybreak calendar for a great selection of top-notch events.

BOA Dialed in logo

The BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable precision fit, engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. The BOA® PerformFit™ Wrap, as featured on the Speedland PDX, HSV, and GS:TAM delivers the added benefit of increased footspeed and improved ankle stability.

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