Lauren Puretz is The Fastest Gynecologist We Know

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Ellie Pell

By: Ellie Pell

Ellie is an equal opportunity DMer with no shame in a cold call. She ran fast once and will remind you that it was before supershoes. Recently she set the FKT from her kitchen table to the fridge. Record pending drug test results.

A note from Freetrail: You know Ellie Pell from the Rest Day Pod, but did you know she has an insatiable need to get to know you, and I mean REALLY get to know you? “You Made it Weird” is Ellie’s brainchild because while she loves that these athletes are mega-talented she also wants to know what ELSE IS THERE?! Look for You Made it Weird every Friday. 

You Made it Weird With Lauren Puretz

Who is that?!?! At some point during the Black Canyon livestream, we all were wondering who we were watching blast across our screen. For those familiar with Aravaipa Running, Lauren is a familiar face, casually taking podiums while working full time in the medical field and being a full time mom. (Can anyone actually ever be a part-time mom??) Lauren secured her long awaited spot to Western States with a third place podium finish at that 100km race, though that was never really her goal. She knew what she could run, she executed on that. That perfect execution is sending Lauren to Olympic Valley. I don’t think anyone will ever ask again who she is. 

Find Lauren on Instagram, Strava, and Ultrasignup.

Lauren Puretz running for Aravaipa Racing

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Lauren Puretz, I’m a 40 year old gynecologist and mother of two, living in Colorado Springs since I graduated residency. I have a loud personality especially when nervous or with my close friends. I cuss like a sailor and am fiercely loyal. I love cutting people open (to fix their problem). If I could I’d be a sex ed teacher but would be fired in about 4 minutes.   

Do any of your group chats have names? If so, what are you willing to share? How did they get that name? What is a major topic of discussion in them?

My mom group is called PTSD cake. We went to Stanley for a girls’ weekend. There was a wedding and someone from the bridal party said we could have cake (I probably asked). The group of us went up to get said cake and the hotel staff yelled at us. We scurried away and were a bit shook up by the ferocity at which we were yelled at. Over. Cake. Hindsight it was hilarious but not so much in the moment.  We talk about everything from politics to kids to getting margaritas.  

Puffygang- group of girl runners who were on a quest to find the most spectacular puffy outfit from head to toe. And now mostly plan weekend long runs and brunch! 

If you could change one thing about your favorite social media platform, what would it be?

Undo the messaging in Strava. It made it creepy.   

What is a book of fiction that you really enjoyed, for no other reason than you liked it?

Oh gosh. As a kid it was Number The Stars. But more recently – What Alice Forgot.  

What is one song you’ve been listening to on repeat recently?

I don’t really listen to music 😱 I am mostly rock out to Disney music but love Lizzo… or really any “angry” woman singer 😂

What is one trend that started in 2020 that you love?

Being able to call patients families after surgery instead of hunting them down in the waiting room or wherever they wandered off too.

What is one trend that started in 2020 that you hate?

Reservations for everything. I can’t plan my life that far in advance. 

What are the last three emojis you used?


What is the last thing you bought online?

Crocodile pleather leggings.

What is your most controversial food opinion?

Goat cheese is vile.

What three videos are at the top of your YouTube recommended homepage?

I don’t even know what this means? 

(L-R) Tara Fraga, Sarah Biehl, and Lauren Puretz after the Gorge Waterfalls 50km.
(L-R) Tara Fraga, Sarah Biehl, and Lauren Puretz after the Gorge Waterfalls 50km.

Which Allie is your favorite?

Allie Mac or Ali McBeal.

What argument in mass media do you not understand or think is a worthless issue?

If life begins at conception. Moot point. It’s her body and her choice.   

When you go home for the holidays, what is the food or tradition that it wouldn’t be the holidays without?

Growing up it was going to NY. Both sides of my family live on Long Island so I went there for holidays. Now as family grows and it’s so far I haven’t been in years and it doesn’t feel right.   

When I say in-seam you say…?

My 6 foot husband and I have almost the same in-seam.  

When has your ego caused you to do something you sort of regret but also would describe as wild and worth it?

I went to a girlfriend’s wine party. One where everyone brings three bottles of the same wine.  2 bottles are used for taste testing and the 3rd bottle is added to the prize for the winner.  They placed a spitoon at the center of the table so you could dump any unwanted wine while tasting. I joked that the loser had to drink from it. Well guess who lost….   

What was your worst running fuel decision? What was the surprising best?

Worst – Lake Sonoma 50-mile. 5th place around mile 40. Felt amazing so waved my crew off as they wanted to give me my prescribed fuel. Shortly after I bonked and crawled to the next aid station, chugged a couple cokes and was rejuvenated. But not before I was passed.  

Best – Apparently being escorted out of security to chug a 90 carb precision gel. TSA pulled it out of my bag on the way to Black Canyon Thursday evening. (That’s what we call pre-race fueling)

What is your death row meal?

Anything with sweet potatoes. Love sweet potatoes. And probably something with cheese. Since I won’t have to suffer the consequences.

Out and back or looped course? Why?

Looped! 1. One all new all the time 2. Can’t see your competition creeping up on you. 

Barkley or 24H track race? Why?

24 hour track race. I can get lost in my own backyard. Barkley would be really disastrous for me.

When I say PTRA you say?


Lauren Puretz after her third place finish at the 2024 Black Canyon 100km.

What is one thing that absolutely scares you? Why?

Work: shoulder dystocia.  

Life: my kids hate me.  

Running: not knowing where to go or how to make it home. See above. Scariest was in Geneva when my phone died and I was miles away from the city and who knows what hotel my family was at. Stopped at a random luxury boutique and asked if I could charge my phone so I did eventually make it back

What is a time you felt you didn’t measure up? How did you get through that?

Residency. It’s basically a 4 year process of learning how to be a physician, specifically an ob/gyn. 

Who is another runner that flies under the radar that we should all get to know?

Kristina Mascarenas.  She is smoking fast at sub ultra and 50km. When she decides to race longer – watch out!  

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