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The team over here at Freetrail has only just recovered from our trip to the very best running rave in the desert (we’re looking at your Javelina). After much internal debate, we decided we couldn’t dedicate our entire post about what we liked this past month to ” just Jubilee and the team in Arizona”. So here we go – here are the reads, watches, and gear that got us through the spookiest month of the year.


  1. Mountain Gazette – Issue #200 of Mountain Gazette arrived at my house a couple weeks ago. A fairly recent subscriber as of six months ago, Mountain Gazette has become my favorite media company in the outdoor industry. This 200 page print magazine is more like a coffee table book replete with captivating articles, beautiful images, art, and even poetry. It is a thing of beauty, and size. If you appreciate outdoor storytelling, this is the gold standard. I recently interviewed the owner/editor for a new media project I’m working on that’s launching soon. Keep your eyes out. Print ain’t dead.
  2. Osprey Poco BackpackFor the parents out there, the Osprey Poco backpack is an amazing product. We had one gifted to us by some friends and use it to carry our quickly enlarging son all over the place. Quite literally, we use it everyday. Your child will be comfortable and safe and there are plenty of pockets to carry extra layers, dog leashes, and snacks (for everyone). There’s even a stowable sun shade for particularly bright California days. It blows my mind that there are people smart enough to design products like these.
Dylan bowman holding the #200 issue of the Mountain Gazette


  1. BECKHAMDo you need something to add to your watch list as days grow shorter and many of us in the northern latitudes start to bring some of our exercise inside? This is such a fun documentary about the life and career of David Beckham. I’ve loved learning about his romance with Victoria, his house cleaning obsession, and I never knew about the hate and criticism he faced early in career. Add BECKHAM to your list.


  1. Hoka Restore TC ShoesNot one to brag about a fashion moment – I acquired these in Chamonix this past August and have worn them loads already. They are essentially recovery slides but in shoe form! And they don’t look *quite* as dorky as slides 🙂 At least that’s my personal take.

  2. WHOOSH!You know me, gotta keep it real for my nerd homies into this type of stuff. I bought this stuff to clean my Macbook screen and it legit works. How tf does my screen get so dirty?? Anyway, we don’t know. Don’t have the technology to know. Don’t need to know as long as I have this stuff. Cleans glasses and a myriad of other things, too. Not very exciting, but very practical.


Dave Eggers the Circle
  • The Circle, by Dave Eggers. I picked up this book at the end of September in Montana while in Bozeman for a wedding. Honestly, at the time I was buying cards but needed to find something to bring my purchase to over ten dollars to use a credit card. Fast forward to actually reading the book. I couldn’t put it down, and not because it’s written in an odd stream of conciousness format, it is gripping. I’m not a big fiction gal, but this thing hit hard. If you’re on the fence about social media and our rapidly expanding digital world The Circle might tip you over the edge. The scariest part about this dsytopian novel? It was written in 2013 *chills*.
  • Autumn Mix Candy Corn – That’s right, candy corn, specifically the autumn mix. You know those little pumpkins are hands down the best part, and obivously you eat the green stem and then the rest of it. Did you really think we would make it through October without acknowleding seasonal candy!? An ultrarunners dream month full of pocket-sized snacks. Have I eaten so much candy corn pre-run that I’ve gotten nauseous? Sure. Has it stopped me from doing it again? Aboslutely not!

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