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It’s a good thing that May gave us a moment to catch our breath because June kept us on our toes – and in need of a nap. Where June robbed us of sleep (and a little bit of sanity), it gave us so many opportunities to spend time with many of you. Thanks to every single one of you who made Broken Arrow and Western States extra special. Here are the other things that kept us fueled, comfortable, and dare we say, cozy during June.


  1. Message Slides – My friend and fellow Speedland athlete, Liam Lonsdale, recently told me about a new brand his wife had started called Message. Their debut product is a pair of cork slides with a thick elastic strap. As a connoisseur of slides and an appreciator of entrepreneurship, I immediately ordered a pair to show support for this new project. Upon receipt, they became my favorite ever piece of casual footwear. They’re insanely comfortable with the elastic providing a super comfy compression on the mid foot and the cork providing a natural feel underfoot. They’re cozy enough to wear around the house but stylish enough to wear out to dinner. Now I just need my feet to be more presentable…
  1. BeFree Water Filter – For the last few weeks I’ve been sauntering around the San Juan Mountains trying to prepare for the Hardrock 100. In my younger days, I would drink straight from the creeks in order to stay hydrated on the trails, risking the consequences of waterborne illness. The BeFree water bottle has a handy built-in filter that allows you to drink fresh, clean mountain water without fumbling with iodine pills or worrying about unpleasant after-effects. It’s a brilliant invention and one of my summertime staples for mountain adventures.


  1. Trail Cookies – A shameless plug for my favorite trail cookie recipe. It’s been so nice to get back out in the mountains this summer, and with that added time on the trail I’ve been making my favorite trail cookies frequently. These cookies are the perfect mix of savory sweet while maintaining a good balance of fat and carbs – they keep me fueled and happy out on the trails for hours.
Harmony takes her Trail Cookies off-trail in the San Juans.
  1. Tour de France: Unchained I’m a sucker for a good sports docuseries and binged this entire series in a matter of days. I love endurance sports and was immediately drawn in by the unique characters. I also didn’t realize quite how team and community-oriented cycling was before watching this – I think I loved the group champagne toast at the finish most. I can’t help but think we need one of these shows for trail running next… 


  1. HOKA Luxe Recovery Slides – I got these at Western States this year. I have already added loads of miles on them walking around Chicago for a Phillies game (go phils!), chasing my nephews around in Indiana, and vacationing in vacationland (Maine). I am now waltzing around Silverton, Colorado as I prep to shoot the Hardrock 100-mile run.
  1. Fuji 23mm 1.4 Lens – I was fortunate enough to borrow this lens from Fujifilm for the month of June. I have the old version, which is still great, but the updated autofocus in this new version blew my mind. The lens is so good I recommend buying it even if you don’t have a Fuji camera 🙂


  1. Kodiak Cakes (protein-packed) Oatmeal – One thing I’ve been working on is sneaking more protein into my daily diet. I’ve got a collection of protein-rich go-to snacks, a routine protein shake post-workout, and lunch and dinner dialed… and still, I was coming up short. So I turned to breakfast, trying to find a way to add some protein in pre-run that wouldn’t turn my stomach but leave me feeling more satiated. While an oatmeal that screams “protein-packed!” might feel aggressive, I’ve found the maple & brown sugar oatmeal from Kodiak Cakes hits the spot. With 12 grams of protein per packet, I now start my mornings a little ahead of the curve.
Kodiak Cake's protein-packed oatmeal is a new breakfast staple for Corrine Malcolm.
  1. Body of Work –  Okay hear me out, I spoke A LOT of words in June between the Broken Arrow and Western States live broadcasts. Usually, I’m a podcast queen, I listen to them driving, running, walking to the gym, sweating it out in the sauna, etc… well speaking all those words broke me and I needed fewer spoken words in my life, and caved, listening to music. Enter Carsie Blanton. I first fell for Carsie’s music with the release of her 2019 album Buck Up – the singer-songwriter has some road-tripping tunes if folksy, jaunty, and pointed lyrics are your thing. The album on repeat that got me to Auburn? Carsie’s 2023 release, Body of Work.

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