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Ruby Wyles

By: Ruby Wyles

Runner, triathlete, and passionate coach, Ruby is most fulfilled by helping athletes overcome limiting beliefs with joy. She is also a proud science nerd, and advocate for athletes' mental and physical health.

Have you listened to the latest Trail Society Ask Us Anything (AMA) episode? Corrine, Keely, and Hillary answered a bunch of your questions on a variety of topics: crewing, the mental side of running, post-race blues, fueling mistakes, and much more. Lots of listeners asked about their favorite training- and racing-related products, so we put some in writing!

From shoes and gear, to running tech and recovery tools, take a look into some of the products tried, tested, and trusted by these three professional trail runners.

Addressing the elephant in the room: while Corrine, Keely, and Hillary are sponsored athletes, these recommendations are independent of that and unpaid. In fact, the majority of the products mentioned are from brands these women have no financial relationship with.

See what the Trail Society ladies are loving for these 7 categories: 

  1. Running Shoes
  2. Apparel
  3. Running/ Workout Accessories
  4. Running-related Technology
  5. Recovery Tools
  6. Nutrition
  7. Bonus Recommendations!

Running Shoes

Corrine: adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra (released in April 2024)

  • Supershoes are headed to the trails, and Adidas is not being left behind! To be released in April 2024, the adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra features the same lightstrike pro cushioning as their World Record-smashing road shoes. For runners targeting fast times and PRs on the trails, the Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra may be for you!  

Keely: Altra Mont Blanc BOA

  • Forget loose laces and shoe slippage with the dual-dial BOA® Fit System to keep your feet feeling secure and supported even on the longest of runs. The Mont Blanc BOA is a highly cushioned trail shoe featuring Altra’s well-known Footshape™ Fit and 0mm heel-to-toe drop. Runners rave about the comfort underfoot, breathable upper, and roomy toebox accommodating the natural foot swelling that occurs as the miles tick by.

Hillary: Brooks Caldera 6 

  • Designed for running long distances on the trails, the Caldera combines plenty of cushion with reliable traction for a comfortable ride all day long. Oooh, and if you can wait a few weeks, the new Caldera 7 comes out on January 3rd!
Corrine Malcolm in the yet to be release adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra
Corrine Malcolm in the yet to be release adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Ultra.


Corrine: Lululemon Energy Longline Bra

  • Lululemon is known for its comfort and quality, and the Energy Longline Bra’s super soft and breathable fabric is no different! A medium-support sports bra designed for B-D cups, the 4-way stretch and added lycra help the bra retain its shape and stretch. Not only does this sports bra offer enough support for running and other activities, but it’s comfort and versatility make it perfectly suited for all-day wear (yes, I’m talking under non-workout clothing!).

Keely: Janji Long Bra

  • The Janji Long Bra is a lightly padded, medium-support sports bra that doubles as a crop top. The breathable, stretchy fabric adds compressive support without a restricted feel, and its midnight blue colorway goes well with any outfit. And the best part: the racerback design integrates a large pocket perfect for carrying your phone on the run without any bounce! 

Hillary: Brooks Moment 5’ 2-in-1 Short (specifically the hot pink colorway!)

  • With fitted spandex beneath looser split shorts, you can say no to chafing in these 2-in-1 shorts and yes to movement! The Moment 5’ 2-in-1 Short is currently available in two colorways: black, and sundial velocity print colorways; featuring plenty of pockets perfect for storing your trail snacks, phone, and keys.

Running/Workout Accessories

Corrine: rnnr Distance Hat 

  • Whether it’s sun out of your eyes or rain off your head, hats are the true MVP when it comes to versatile all-weather gear! The Distance Hat from rnnr is ultra lightweight and ventilated to effectively dissipate heat and moisture. From classic black to funky multicolor prints, there is a Distance Hat for every runner (or “rnnr”)!

Keely: Skida Daydream Alpine Headband 

  • Skida is a Vermont-based apparel company best known for its warm and colorful athletic headwear. While Skida has its roots on the slopes, its products are perfect for cold weather running, hiking, and other outdoorsing this Winter! Keely loves the Daydream print Alpine Headband, but there are plenty more colorways and designs to choose from.

Hillary: COROS Heart Rate Monitor (use code ‘Hillary’ for a discount at COROS)

  • Ditch the chest strap and try an armband for accurately and easily measuring heart rate instead. Several brands have recently released heart rate monitors designed to be worn on your arm: the COROS Heart Rate Monitor is Hillay’s favorite.

Running-related Technology

Corrine: Oura ring 

Keely: Oura ring

Hillary: Oura ring

Yes, you’ve guessed it, we love our Oura rings for all the health, training, and recovery-related insights they provide, especially the sleep data and menstrual cycle tracking. Did you know that the Oura ring is now FDA-approved to be used with Natural Cycles as a non-hormonal birth control option? Well, you do now!

Hillary Allen on the trails in Brooks' new Caldera 7 with her Oura ring on her index finger.
Hillary Allen on the trails in Brooks’ new Caldera 7 with her Oura ring on her index finger.

Recovery Tools

Corrine: Sleep, lacrosse ball, high-density foam roller 

  • While shoe tech and product prices have been skyrocketing, remember that the newer or more expensive things are not always better, especially when it comes to recovery! Nothing beats sleep as the most effective recovery strategy, and every runner should own (and use!) a lacrosse ball and foam roller. Corrine recommends a high-density foam roller, such as the Trigger Point Performance GRID Foam Roller, that’s firm enough to reduce muscle tension: a method known as self-myofascial release (SMR). 

Keely: Normatec 3 Legs recovery boots 

  • Treat your legs to a nice massage anytime you fancy, all in the comfort of your own home! Recovery boots, like those from Normatec, help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue with air compression applied around the legs. More than that, they force you to pause and stay seated for a while, which has only positive recovery effects! Normatec by Hyperice is the most popular brand, but other alternatives worth checking out are Rapid Reboot, RecoveryAir by Therabody, Air Relax, and Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery System.

Hillary: The Wave Tool, Epsom salts, Body Wrench

  • Recovering like a pro can be cheap and convenient: take Hillary’s (written) word for it! For effective at-home and on-the-go soft tissue release and muscle recovery, The Wave Tool comes in handy, helping relieve pain and soreness by increasing blood flow to the scraped area. For more muscle scraping tools, Sidekick is worth checking out too! 
Keely Henninger recommends Normatec boots and GoMacro macrobars. 
Keely Henninger recommends Normatec boots and GoMacro macrobars. 


It will come as no surprise to any of Trail Society listeners that all three of Corrine, Keely, and Hillary recommend The Feed for all your nutrition and hydration needs. Stocking over 250 brands, from small business start-ups to global fan favorites, The Feed is your one-stop shop for everything fueling, hydration, supplementation, and recovery related. We love the convenience of being able to sample new products with single-serving purchases, as well as bulk buying our favorites, not to mention their super speedy shipping! 

Ruby’s cornucopia of sports nutrition products.
Ruby’s cornucopia of sports nutrition products.

You really can’t go wrong with anything from The Feed, but here are some of our favorites

Corrine: GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix for liquid nutrition, Skratch Labs Recovery Sport Drink Mix for post-training, any of the hydrogels (e.g. Maurten, Precision Fuel & Hydration, Science in Sport) for slurping. 

Keely: GU Rocktane

  • GU’s Rocktane range of gels, energy drink mixes, electrolyte tablets are made with the ultrarunner in mind. Perfectly suited for long-duration and high-intensity activities, Rocktane gels and drink mixes have added branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and electrolytes to reduce muscle soreness and improve performance for the long run.

Hillary: Maurten gels and drink mixes on the run, Veloforte Energy Chews on the bike. 

  • Join Hillary’s nutrition club here: https://thefeed.com/high-performance/hillary-allen

Oh, and don’t forget about Vafels! 

Remember to use our link for $15 in free credit every 3 months!  https://www.thefeed.com/trailsociety  

Keely: GoMacro Macrobars (code KEELY15 for 15% off)

  • Unfortunately, nothing’s perfect and one brand The Feed doesn’t stock just yet is Keely’s favorite, GoMacro. Founded and owned by a mother-daughter duo, GoMacro makes plant-based nutrition bars in a whole range of different delicious flavors, including nut-free varieties. Try GoMacro protein bars for the perfect post-workout snack!

Bonus Recommendations!

Corrine: Stance’s Performance Crew Socks (love the length) 

  • We love leveling up our sock game with Stance’s funky prints and limited edition designs, particularly the Performance Crew Socks! Rising to the mid-point of your lower leg, the crew cut is perfect for keeping sand, small stones, and the rest of the trail out of your socks, as well as protecting you from thorns, nettles, and other low-hanging wildlife that wants to scratch, scrape, or feast on your ankles!

Sunski sunglasses

  • From the stylish and timeless Everyday Collection to their Ramble sporty-ish sunglasses designed with activity in mind, Sunski has a huge range of high-quality, affordable frames perfect for every occasion. For those of us who are constantly misplacing sunglasses, Sunski’s lower price point makes them a perfect solution!

Keely: Invest in your feet and treat yourself or a loved one to a pedicure! 

  • A reminder from all of us, no one cares how bad your feet look, and a pedicure really helps keep the toes happy and feet healthy, so if you need motivation to get one, GO!

Apolla Compression Crew Socks

  • Have you heard of Apolla? Nope, neither have most people, and they’re missing out! Totally unheard of and massively underrated, Apollo’s compression socks are amazing for runners with troublesome ankles. If you’ve tuned in to the Trail Society podcast, you’ll be familiar with Keely’s unreliable ankles, but after discovering Apolla, she won’t be seen running without a pair on!

Smith Bobcat Sunglasses

  • You’ve seen Keely rocking these shades on the trails for good reason! The Bobcats’ lightweight, durable frame, no-bounce fit, and interchangeable lenses make them perfect for running at all times and on all terrains: yes, they are even fall-safe for us accident-prone trail runners!

Hillary: Coaching! 

  • If you’re looking for a coach, get in touch because several of us are taking on new athletes!

As always, we want to hear from you! Have you tried any of the products mentioned? What are you currently loving? Let us know in the comments or slide into our DM’s on Instagram @runfreetrail and @trail.society

Keely Henninger rocking her Smith Bobcats sunglasses. 
Keely Henninger rocking her Smith Bobcats sunglasses. 

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