Episode number 37

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | Launch of Pyllars

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In this episode, we announce the launch of a new project called Pyllars. Pyllars is a mobile app platform built for runners who want to improve as athletes and as human beings. The core philosophy is that our athletic success comes down to two fundamental pillars that are equally important – our physical fitness AND our emotional fitness. Oftentimes athletes emphasize the former at the expense of the latter, sometimes with detrimental personal consequences. Pyllars is committed to supporting athletes as they strive to reach their athletic potential, while also providing tools for maintaining a healthy and balanced internal environment. We believe this 360-degree approach to the athlete produces the best long-term outcomes on and off the racecourse. We hope you’ll join our community and become part of the movement.

***IMPORTANT*** Starting January 1st and going forward, this podcast will rebrand to become The Pyllars Podcast. You won’t have to resubscribe. It will begin appearing in your feed under the new name in the new year.

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