Physical Therapist

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is an Australian trained physiotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience in sports and orthopedic PT.

Matt specializes in running, and trail-running related pain and performance. He has worked with professional and recreational athletes from all over the world and held positions with the Canadian Cross Country ski team and Nike Oregon project. He currently is a practicing sports physical therapist, injury consultant, strength and conditioning coach, and educator. He specializes in running rehabilitation and biomechanics and tendon pain & clinical reasoning for chronic injury in athletic populations.

Matt also practices what he preaches and maintains an extremely healthy and sporting lifestyle. He has coached and played elite-level rugby, touch rugby and cricket. Matt’s depth of experience as both an athlete and coach allows him a systematic, yet eclectic, clinical approach to solving complex and chronic problems.


  • Cumberland college of health sciences BSc(Physiotherapy)
  • Licensed physical therapist
  • Level III sports physiotherapy certification, 1994


  • Running injuries
  • Trail running strength and mobility
  • Trail running related injuries
  • Strength and conditioning

Plans Matt offers

Injury Support

$350One-time investment

For the injured or injury-prone athlete. Let's get you healthy and ready to run.

All sessions are completed virtually via video call.

  • 60-minute initial evaluation with Matt.
  • 2 follow-up 60-minute sessions with Matt.
  • Collaboration with your running coach to integrate injury prevention into your training plan.
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Strength and Agility for the Trail Runner

$600One-time investment

For the trail athlete ready to get stronger, more injury-resistant, and faster.

All sessions are completed virtually via video call.

  • 60-minute initial evaluation with Matt
  • 8-week custom lifting program broken into 4 separate phases with instructional videos
  • 2 follow-up sessions with Matt
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