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If your April was anything like ours it was a blur – simultaneously a sprint and an ultra. We weathered the rain and mud with you outside of Portland, we traveled internationally (what time zone are we in now?) and somehow still made it to Auburn in time to talk about running while sweating it out like the racers on course. Despite all of that we took some time to reflect on some of the things that quite literally got us through April, who knows maybe they’ll help you with May!


The Creative Act: A Way of Being – This book, by music-producing legend Rick Rubin, is a beautiful read for anyone engaged in creative or entrepreneurial work. It provides frameworks for dealing with challenges, blocks, and burnout that have been helpful in my professional life. It also helped me to understand the fleeting sacredness of creative inspiration and how important that feeling is to act upon. Though Freetrail is far from a musical undertaking, the book felt very relevant to our work.

Garmin 955 Solar Garmin has been my watch sponsor for a little over a year. The Forerunner 955 Solar is easily my favorite GPS watch ever. My two favorite features are Navigation and solar charging. Of course, Garmin is synonymous with navigation but the turn-by-turn utility of the Forerunner series is incredible. It’s great to upload an unknown route into the watch and head out on an adventure confident I won’t get lost. The solar charging innovation is a genuine game changer allowing for up to 49hrs of battery life in GPS mode, making it compatible with even the craziest adventures. I’m excited to use this at Hardrock in July!


Hu Kitchen Crunchy Mint Chocolate Bar – Since becoming a mom, I’ve found myself ravenous pretty much 24/7 and especially craving foods that are high in fat. This chocolate bar has been a lifesaver for me – helping me feel satisfied on the go and consume high amounts of fat in concentrated form. The crunchy mint version is insanely delicious and my current kryptonite. The fact that their products are organic, have minimal ingredients, and are low in sugar makes me feel better about downing an entire bar in one sitting far more often than I care to admit. Bonus that it’s a small business founded by cool people who put the planet and human health first. S/O to Vanilla Crunch and Salty Chocolate as runner-up flavors.

Tory Burch Sports Bra – If you’re in search of the perfect sports bra, look no further. My love affair with this sports bra goes way beyond April and this would easily make it onto my list of ‘best products I’ve ever owned.’ I first bought this before I got pregnant, wore it throughout my pregnancy, and recently through months of breastfeeding. It’s been used and abused and still looks and feels like the day I bought it. It’s comfortable, chic, and durable. More expensive than your average sports bra? Yes. Life Changing? 100%. If you’re looking for that one perfect sports bra this is your sign.


Old Fashioned Cinnamon Candies – I have been super into hard candy recently. I have about four or five of these a day, mostly while I am at the computer editing. Cinnamon is my favorite, but lemon is also amazing. I occasionally have one right as I start my run, too 🙂

Freetrail Hoodie – Maybe a bit of low-hanging fruit since it is apparel from my company? But I wear this thing almost every day. Right when I wake up, working, to the trail, after the post-run shower, until right before bed. C O Z Y.


The Diplomat on Netflix – This show got me through taper week while ‘trapped’ at a five-star resort on the island of Madeira. Political drama? Check! Strong female lead? Check! The eight-episode first season came out last month and stars the incomparable Keri Russell. Get hooked, I promise it’s worth it, plus the show and cast were just renewed for a second season! 

Tropical Fruity Boba Mochi, by Tropical Fields – Grocery store finds are some of my favorite nutrition adjacent sports nutrition, this time something at Costco caught my eye. When we used to live in the Richmond District in San Francisco Asian bakeries were everywhere. I’d purchase something new and exciting to throw in my running vest each week before my long run. Enter mochi – a delectable glutinous rice cake, usually filled with something extra tasty. Portably perfect. While mochi hadn’t graced my long runs of late, a serendipitous appearance of a 60-pack of 50-calorie bites of mochi at Costco changed that. Did I fly with two dozen of them to Madeira for MIUT – you bet your butt I did.

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