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Episode 15 |

Olympics debrief, Patrick Pressgrove interview on adaptive athletes and making races more inclusive

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Episode 14 |

Diversity, Running as a Platform for Bigger Issues, and How to Get Uncomfortable with Richard Issa

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Episode 13 |

US Womenโ€™s Running Records, and the mental struggles of injury and self-identity in sport๏ฟผ

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Episode 12 |

Contract season, pay discrepancy in female sport, U of O update, and how to monitor your training and use metrics for good.

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Episode 11 |

How to set big and scary goals, train with both a long term and short term mindset, and race tactfully

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Episode 10 |

Olympic Marathon Standards, Body Image and Fueling in Male Sport with Logan Williams

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Episode 9 |

Madeira Island Ultra Trail recap, racing mindset, and trail etiquette

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Episode 8 |

The importance of rest and recovery and how to embrace the off-season

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Episode 7 |

Collegiate programs, energy deficiency, bone injuries, and fueling for performance

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Episode 6 |

Coaching, puberty, body image, and planning for long term success

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Episode 5 |

UTMB bans NSAIDs, Drug testing in trail running, the Quartz Program, and health risks in the sport of ultra running

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Episode 4 |

Gender role reversals, partnerships, and finding that work/life balance in your training

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