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We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the Freetrail Podcast Network – The Sub Hub, hosted by EmKay Sullivan and Dani Moreno. As the name suggests the podcast will focus on all things sub-ultra in distance both domestically and abroad, and who better to host it than two women mixing it up with the best in the sport! While trail running at times feels more than a little ultra centric, we can not deny the growing interest in the shorter faster side of the trail community. We are here to feed that stoke.

While listening to another trail running podcast, Emkay heard the host mention that there was a gap in coverage when it comes to sub-ultra racing. “I immediately texted Dani, to tell her we needed to start a podcast.” Dani headed out for her run, to think things over, but it was a very quick yes. Two hours later they were planning the whole thing.

Co-host of The Sub Hub Podcast, EmKay Sullivan, is a professional runner for Craft.
Co-host of The Sub Hub Podcast, EmKay Sullivan, is a professional runner for Craft. PC: Tony DiPasquale

Both Dani and EmKay are passionate about the sometimes ‘niche’ feeling running discipline and hope to make more fans of the sport through the show. As Dani points out, “The ‘Hub’ is a “center of activity”, and our goal is to make The Sub Hub the go to center for all things sub-ultra.” Through the podcast they hope to expose us to the races, athletes (and personalities), and community that exist within the sub-ultra trail world. Along the way they’ll be our guides providing insight into the series we are all fans of (hello Golden Trail World Series) and how you too can train for and enter the sub-ultra scene.

Co-host of The Sub Hub Podcast, Dani Moreno, runs professionally for Adidas Terrex.
Co-host of The Sub Hub Podcast, Dani Moreno, is a professional runner for Adidas Terrex. PC: Jeshurun Small

From vertical kilometers to marathon length mountain runnings feats we here at Freetrail are a little more than obsessed with the high-intensity nature of sub-ultra running and racing. The near weekly clash of the titans, the captivating story lines, the surprises, the heartbreak – it all has us at the very edge of our seats! Okay, Okay – we recognize we are hyping the high points of sport. Independent of the peaks and valleys, the Freetrail family is thrilled to to have EmKay and Dani as our hosts, guides, and insiders to bring us along for the ride.

The Sub Hub is now live wherever you listen to podcasts! Catch their first episode, and subscribe, you don’t want to miss a thing. Rumor has it EmKay along with special guest Kimber Mattox will be discussing the recent Team USA selection race – dropping this Friday.

The Sub Hub with Dani Moreno and EmKay Sullivan is live now

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