Episode number 93

Jill Wheatley | Embracing Impermanence

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Jill Wheatley is a Canadian mountaineer who spends much of her time climbing in the Himalaya. Jill and I met in 2019 and have developed a friendship and mutual respect. I have grown to admire Jill deeply for the person she is and the lessons she’s learned and shared fromΒ a life changing injury she incurred in 2014. While teaching a physical education class in Bavaria, Jill suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her 70% blind and in the hospital for months. Jill has never regained her vision, but has returned to the life of her dreams, climbing, skiing, trail running, and generally living a life of purpose and passion. This is the story of how we can use the lowest moments of our lives to launch into periods of deep inspiration and growth.

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