Broken Arrow & Western States Fantasy Trail – HUGE PRIZES!

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It’s going to be a fun couple weeks in North American trail running with Broken Arrow and Western States coming up on consecutive weekends in Olympic Valley, CA. Some of the best athletes in the world will gather to test themselves over different distances and course types for what will surely produce dramatic racing.

As such, Freetrail invites you to a friendly competition of Fantasy Trail Running with an abundance of amazing prizes on the line for the best predictors. Before we get to it, there are two fun new details we want to clarify.

First, as most will know, Broken Arrow is a weekend long celebration of #TrailCulture with several high-octane race distances. The fantasy competition will not only reward the winners of the Vertical Kilometer (VK), the 52k, and the 26k contests, but also the aggregate winner with the most accurate combined predictions across all three races. Broken Arrow fantasy will recognize and reward one overall and three individual winners. This is our first attempt at the combined scoring, which we’re very excited about and plan to also implement at UTMB later in the summer. To have a chance to win the big prize, you’ll want to play all three races! 

Second, a small differentiation between the Broken Arrow and Western States competitions. While participants will only pick 5-deep at the three Broken Arrow events, we will go 10-deep at Western States, in line with the mystique of securing a top-10 position at this legendary race. 

With all those details out of the way, let’s get to the prizes! 

Broken Arrow VK

Broken Arrow 52k

Broken Arrow 26k 

Aggregate Broken Arrow Winner — $1700 Value!

Western States 100 – 1st Place — $1700 value!

Western States 2nd Place

Western States 3rd Place

Altogether, these packages represent almost $5000 in total value! A big thank you to the brands who are making this contest fun and who are supportive of Freetrail in some capacity. That said, Freetrail is not making a dime off this competition, so if you appreciate the effort we put into the community, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

I’ll follow up with another newsletter breaking down the Freetrail schedule over the two weekends so that you can follow our content or hang with us in person.

Go get your picks in and good luck! 

For the culture,

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